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Guangdong International Trust and Charity Foundation charter Yuqing
Guangdong International Trust and Yuqing Charity Fund in accordance with its wishes initiated by the late party secretary of Guangdong International Trust Company as Comrade Yuqing family, to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, promote the Guangdong International Trust and corporate culture, the company party to discuss decided to expand the charity fund to internal range, formally established widely believed Yuqing Charity Fund, and formulated the following charter.
Chapter I General Provisions
The Foundation first name: widely believed Yuqing Charity Foundation.
The second purpose of this Foundation: guide people to perform good deeds, to spread love, attention to moral cultivation, widely believed to build a harmonious and friendly family.
Article III of the foundation initiated by the Guangdong International Trust and company employees organize, join or donate to accept outsiders; all operating follow the "fair, just and open" three basic principles, ready to accept the staff and community supervision.
Article IV of the Fund to comply with national laws, regulations and relevant regulations, abide by social morality, working under the guidance of the Board of Management.
Article V of the Foundation offices located in the Guangdong International Trust and Technology Park General office.
Chapter II Organization
Article VI In order to improve management transparency and efficiency, the Foundation established the organization as follows:
:( Sponsor a total of 42 people)
A foot, Jianguo, Weidong Yun, Don Huang, Wei Yaqin, Gong Haiyan Zhou Wei Tun
Ray put Ming, Zhu new see, Li Zhongmin, Huang Yu swim, Zhang Yuanyuan, Tang Changlin, Vertical Elevating
Shen-added, Lei Weicheng Wang sound, Zhu Xinguo, Liu Xuying, Ge Feifei, Ge Mengjun
Zeng blessing even, Wensheng Hua, Huang Tao, Huang Li Hu, Liu Li, Jiang Yongxiang, YuanChongFa build
Zheng Xiaoling, Hu Haiyan, Li Weiqi, Liu Yu, Raven it, Shen Fuqiang, Chen Qiaolin
Wei Jie, Tang Yao Bo, Cai Wei, Li Gang, Ge Jing, Liu Menglin, Benedict Liu Hao
Host organization: Guangdong International Trust Company party
Implementing agency: widely believed Yuqing Charity Fund Committee
It will grow: a foot
Vice President: Wei Yaqin
General: Yuanyuan
The Council: (17)
A foot, Jianguo, Weidong Yun, Don Huang, Wei Yaqin, Gong Haiyan Zhou Wei Tun
YuanChongFa Jian, Zhu new to see, Li Zhongmin, Huang Yu swim, Zhang Yuanyuan, Tang Changlin, Vertical Elevating
Lei Weicheng, Ge Feifei, Zheng Xiaoling
Management Committee: (25)
    Ray put Ming Wei Jie, Shen-added, Wang sound, Zhu Xinguo, Liuxu Ying, Wen Shenghua
Huang Li Hu, Liu Li, Huang Tao, Jiang Yongxiang, Hu Haiyan, Gemeng Jun, who Fulian
Li Weiqi, Liu Yu, Raven it, Shen Fuqiang, Chenqiao Lin, Cai Wei, Yao Bo Teng
Liumeng Lin, Liu Benedict Hao, Li Gang, Ge Jing
Functional working groups:
Its members: Yuanyuan (and) outreach committee: Tang Changlin
Activity Members: Ge Feifei, Chen Qiaolin logistical Members: Vertical Elevating Liu Xuying
Supervisory committee: Wang sound, Zhu see new Finance Committee: Sun Jianping, Li Weiqi
Article VII of the Foundation's president, vice president, secretary, council, functional working committee confirmed by the management committee elections. As the above-mentioned changes in personnel, by all members of the Conference Board of Management are elected separately.
Article VIII of the Foundation's first president, vice president, secretary, and functions of staff members of the Council-year term, which extends from the beginning of the second term of three years. If it operated and above major mistakes or omissions in office phenomenon can be dismissed by the Management Board to vote.
Article IX Fund Management Committee to convene a meeting at least annually.
Article X of the Fund Management Committee meeting shall have more than half of the members attend meetings; meeting resolutions shall be by a majority of members present and valid.
Chapter III Responsibilities
Article XI Fund Management Committee powers
First, the development and amendments to the Constitution;
Second, to convene the fund management committee;
Third, listen to, consideration of the report of the Board of Management, the fund management and use of reports;
Fourth, the president of the Electoral Fund Management Committee, vice-president, secretary, functional working committee;
Fifth, decisions on major issues of this would work.
Article XII fund its competence
First, the decision to grant scholarships and emergency funds approval matters;
Second, the decision to deal with the daily affairs of the Council.
Article XIII president in charge of the overall work of the Fund Management Committee. Specific Responsibilities:
One, chaired the management committee meeting to consider the approval of the Foundation's programs;
Second, the review of the income and expenditure of the Foundation;
Third, the leadership and coordination of the work of the Foundation;
Fourth, supervise and inspect the foundation to carry out the work;
Five members of the Foundation is responsible for arranging the coordination of specific tasks.
Article XIV, vice president of duties
First, to assist the work of the president;
Second, the president missed the line president era duties.
Article XV The Secretary-General Responsibilities
First, according to the fund management committee and president of the arrangements, coordinating the completion of the daily work of the Council and its Standing Committee, the organization prepare an annual work plan and summary;
Second, the preparations for the convening the Management Committee and Council meetings;
Third, the development of internal management systems;
Fourth, the activities of organizations, foundations;
Article XVI functional working group members Responsibilities
First, responsible for implementation of the sub-foundation work during the operation.
Second, the timely implementation of the work report of the Secretary-General.
Chapter IV money management rules
Seventeenth article of the sources of funds:
First, the initial capital; members of the Commission for the first time donations received start-up funding.
Second, the employee contribution: the funds proposed by the Commission, regular or irregular employees of Party organizations fundraising funds obtained.
Third, funds deposited in the principal interest of financial institutions obtained.
Fourth, the Foundation through other forms of activities to obtain funding.
Five other external charitable organization or foundation funds after adding added.
Article XVIII fund special account set up by the Finance Committee oversee the implementation process in strict compliance with the approval system, earmarking.
Article XIX of the use of funds, validation, distribution, etc., insist on openness and transparency, through collective discussions resulted Fund recommendations, the final review by the president to be implemented after the adoption.
Diershitiao annually by the monitoring group to take the lead audit review, submit a report to the Committee, and accept supervision by the masses of workers.
Article 21 Any unit (department), individual is allowed to occupy, dividing and misappropriation of funds of the Foundation.
Chapter V fund use doctrine
Article 22 The Fund is internal public funds to reward outstanding employee moral and academic performance of children, and there is a sudden or special difficulties for workers to donate.
Scholarships and fellowships granted aid is detailed in Article 23 of the Foundation's "rules."
Article 24 of the Foundation funding formula mainly direct funding, in principle, non-repayable grants.
Disposal of property termination procedure and after termination of Chapter VI
Article 24 of the Foundation complete purpose or dissolved itself or because of other reasons to be terminated by the Management Committee Termination.
Before the end of Article 25 of the Foundation shall establish a liquidation group, dealing with the aftermath, during the liquidation, no other activities other than liquidation.
The remaining funds after the termination of Article 26 of the total contributions to the Foundation, the seat of the civil affairs department of the company or other charities.
Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions
Fund Management Committee will interpret all of Article 27 of the Foundation.
Article 28 of the constitution since the date of the establishment of the fund management committee.
Article 29 The Foundation information dissemination and public income and expenditure details determined by the Council on Foundations.                                                      
Guangdong International Trust Fund Management Committee Yuqing love
June 16, 2015

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